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Reporting through Comics

Comics Journalists are now active in several part of the
globe. Watch the videos of Comics Journalists, how
they have been using comics in South Asian countries.
These are powerful examples of comics journalism. These comics
journalists are using this medium to sensitize masses, they raise a
serious issue in the society to bring positive changes.
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Syndicated Grassroots Comics Strip Service

The comics made by the CJ can be circulated to the local newspapers and
magazines to reach out to larger audience.
This helps to place first voices into mainstream
press as well as raise an issue through most
creative manner. Even these comics can be
uploaded to websites, blogs or circulated through
e-newsletters, social media, websites etc.
comics anthologies

Comics Anthologies

Here a number of comics journalists are asked to file their stories on a theme. After research, documentation and investigation they file their report in the form of a multi-pager graphic story. These graphic reports later printed in form of an anthology. Several such examples
are available now.
comics anthologies comics anthologies